Projector Sharp LED lamp, part 1

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sharp projectorYear ago I impulsively bought a SHARP XR-10X-L projector after watching a post on Hackaday: . I started to look into it a week ago. It has no lamp, so I will consider buying a replacement or making a LED conversion.  I collected a lot of  links, datasheets, video…

This will be 1st of 2 posts about projector conversion. I this I will write about what I need to  buy and to make it. 2nd post will be assembly. Most important  is to pick the right projector. I may have failed a it. Mine is a DLP projector. (3LCD vs. DLP). But I will still have a go with it.

Main inspiration for conversion are two videos from electrodacus: (comments of videos are very informative)


Original lamp is a High Intensity Discarge Bulb (Metal halide (high pressure mercury)) rated at 220W DC. Whole projector is rated at 298W. Model of lamp: AN-XR10L2. Replacements on eBay start at 120€ (160$).  I decided to look into LED conversion, make a list of needed parts and if it comes in the range of 30-40$, will try it. Probably will buy lamp also. Operating cost for projector with lamp are about 120€/2000 h = 6 cent/h (lamp) and for 300W electricity 0.3 kW * 8 cent / kWh = 3 cent/h . Which means operating a projector is not that expensive with a standard lamp.

The expected amount of light to hit the screen is nowhere near the stocks 2000ANSI lumens. After LED conversion I expect it to be between 25 – 100 lumens as electrodacus states.

mechanical_parts_listservice_manualSERVICE MANUAL (Download)

I found a service manual that contains all the information you would want:

  1. operation manual
  2. removing of major parts
  3. the optical unit outline
  4. electrical adjustment
  5. troubleshooting table
  6. block diagram / overall wiring diagram
  7. printed wiring board (wiring = circuit)
  8. waveforms
  9. schematic diagram

and also parts guide.

CONCERNS (fans, reversible conversion) 

Projector has 3 exhaust fans, that cool lamp and ballast power unit. They run at high RPM and make some noise. I will want to somehow lower the speed. Conversion should be reversible, if I decide to use a replacement metal halide lamp (I probably will).



When replacing original lamp, my main goal will be to focus the captured LED light on a Color wheel. I say captured light, because LED is not very directional like we would want. It shines in a 130° angle. More in a datasheet (page 8 – typical spatial distribution ). Will try to collect it back as much as possible. Don’t yet know how. Did read a lot of pages about the topic. I found quite a lot of software that helps designing an optical system. Don’t really want to go in too much detail. Best Java applet .


To meet my budget of 40$(30€) I minimized number of lenses I would buy. First I thought it would be good to buy more and experiment. Almost everything is redundant as I don’t know if I will fry something in the process of trial and error.


Parts will hopefully arrive at the end of February 2k14.

See 2nd post for progress:

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