LimeSDR enclosure, PCB – front and rear panel

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sample_v3_assembly (3) present_kit


I forked LimeSDR repo on Github for the purpose of enclosure:
Now I sent two PCB panels to owners (I am waiting for mine from Crowdsupply)Probably not good regarding EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) as it is aluminium shell, which is also painted (isolation). But is good as mechanical protection.I decided for 97x40x100, but enclosures of 76x35x100 are easier to come by and more portable. Maybe also try smaller version.GitHub:

update 14.8.:
eBay listing did well :) Sold off all of remaining panels from 1st batch in 3 days. Now I have the funds to order for 76x35x100 enclosure

update 6.9.:
76×35 panels came out great, I offer them under same eBay listing, more on new version on¬†GitHub:

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August 10th, 2016 at 3:07 pm

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